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DEB ‘DANNY’ GLENN is a success strategist whose message delves deep into topics surrounding the POTENTIAL AND POWER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT. Her dynamic presentations inspire and challenge listeners to value who they are, and to serve a higher purpose outside of themselves. Her quintessential stories of courage and perseverance instill tools of self-mastery, and illuminate ways to access grace and resilience in the face of adversity and challenge.

“Deb is an amazing person, undaunted by what most would consider insurmountable barriers, and always coming out on top. We’re kindred spirits; only with my colleagues and crew-mates at NASA have I seen the same commitment and pioneering spirit.”

Astronaut Mary Ellen Weber, Mission Control Specialist Space Shuttle Discovery
DEB ‘DANNY’ GLENN’s journey’s have taken her to the White House as a vocalist; performance halls as writer/director/producer; the U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs as a presenter; executive forums as a speaker; Supreme Court Justice and Civil Court Judges as a pro se litigant who proved fraud against an international lending institution and in another case as a child welfare advocate; in front of an equestrian judge riding Hunter Under Saddle in the World Championships; and on 10,000 miles of trails in the extreme wilderness with her Alaskan Husky rescue kennel expedition team. Her journeys propel her message with steep intrigue.
“Her story is riveting, authentic and deeply moving - whose principles and justice prevail.”
Archibald Cox, Watergate Special Prosecutor
Department of Justice
“Danny is a woman of principle whose care of others defines her driven spirit.”
Coach Herman Boone, ‘Remember the Titans’
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